Join a Campaign! DARE Campaigns are strategic Direct Action Organizing campaigns led by people most affected by the problems we’re taking on- and supported by the whole organization and our local and national allies.


Behind the Walls: DARE’s organizing committee that unites people inside the prison with former inmates and their friends and families to reduce incarceration and reinvest state dollars into positive social programs.

Tenant and Homeowner Association: DARE’s organizing committee that advocates for families facing foreclosure and works to stem the tide of eviction, displacement, homelessness, and blight.


Providence Community Safety Act: DARE members help lead the fight to create a check on the Providence Police Department and help create reasonable policing policies that discourage racial profiling and police brutality.

AMOR (Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance): DARE members help build a Rapid Response Network in response to the increase in hate crimes, racial profiling, detention, deportation and other forms of state sponsored hate, following the election of President Donald Trump.


First Source: Did you know that every company that receives a tax break from the City of Providence is required to offer new job opportunities to Providence residents first, before hiring people from out of state? Join DARE in turning up the heat on the city

  1. We are organizing to let our community know that they can apply for jobs on the First Source Jobs list and
  2. we are demanding that the city enforce “First Source” and pressure companies that have received financial support from the city to make jobs available to underemployed residents.


DARE is proud to participate with the following alliances:

Right to the City: Right to the City is a national alliance of membership-based organizations and allies organizing to build a united response to gentrification and displacement in our cities. Our goal is to build a national urban movement for housing, education, health, racial justice and democracy. We are building our power through strengthening local organizing; cross-regional collaboration; developing a national platform; and supporting community reclamation in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast.

Grassroots Global Justice: Grassroots Global Justice is an alliance of U.S.-based grassroots groups who are organizing to build an agenda for power for working and poor people. We understand that there are important connections between the local issues we work on and the global context, and we see ourselves as part of an international movement for global justice.