Monday 10/04 9:00AM - 12:00PM

6th District Courthouse

Two weeks ago, we marched with the families whose children were assaulted by police on Sayles, and one week later on Manton. The third youth from Manton has court tomorrow and we need y’all to come out and demand his release.

From Allyssa, his 18 year old cousin- swipe through to hear her entire speech:

“The police are trying to paint my cousin as a bad child and he’s not. Nobody sees how he is behind closed doors. He has a family that cares about him . He keeps us all together, he’s the baby of the family, he’s a great kid, he was a straight A student, he loved riding bikes and being in the park with other kids. But great kids can make bad decisions as well and if all of us work together to help him and our children we will not be going through this.

This situation has hindered my family a lot, nobody sees what he or my family goes through. We go from waking up with him 1 day to 1 visit every week and only 2 calls a week and they’re only for 10 minutes . Nobody sees when we try to add as many people to the call and give them enough time to even say ‘I love you’ and having to tell them to hang up so we can call the next person. Nobody sees, they don’t see anything, they are keeping my cousin away from us. My grandma has cried every night and wakes up in the morning and tries to keep it together for my cousin’s calls. The house is not the same. It’s so quiet and lonely, everybody is so down and upset, we’re frustrated and stressed out and I can imagine how my cousin feels inside there. He’s a kid he doesn’t need a training school, he needs guidance, he needs a chance, these kids need a chance but it all starts with us.”