Who We Are


MAY 2019 – APRIL 2020

Antonette Wallace, Chairperson

Black woman. Mother and grandmother, experienced in finances and property management. Homeless rights, domestic violence, and women’s health activist.

Malchus Mills, Vice-Chairperson

Black man. Experienced organizer on DARE’s campaigns for years. Active member of the Tenants and Homeowners Associations, the Community Safety Act. Also, member of Jobs with Justice.

Rozina Otero, Secretary

Mixed race Muslim young woman. Graduated from DLI. Student at CCRI, pursuing a Mental Health Degree. Member of DARE for 4 years. Active in a mosque.

Martha Yager, Treasurer

White woman. Mother and grandmother. Involved in DARE since 2007. Long-time Providence organizer with the American Friend’s Service Committee and lead organizer for the Community Safety Act.

Monika Huertas, Sergeant-at-Arms

Afro Indio Latina. Mother of four. Graduate from The Met HS and RIC (BSW) DARE member for three years. Coordinator for the NO-LNG-IN-PVD campaign. Member of the Behind the Walls campaign. Lifelong resident of Providence.

Pat Walker, Member-at-Large

Black woman, mother, and grandmother; Retired family support worker with Providence Head Start, working with families throughout Providence, and longtime DARE member.

Kohei Ishihara, Member-at-Large

Queer Asian man, former youth organizer for immigrant rights and racial justice and co-founder of Providence Youth Student Movement (PRYSM) now turned farmer focused on empowering leaders and movements through their connection to food and land.

Terri Wright, Committee Representative

Black Woman. Mother of five. Born and raised in Providence. Studied psychology in CCRI. Member of the Tenants and Homeowners Association. Creator writer. Stand for rights and equality.

Justice Gaines, Committee Representative

Black member of the Behind the Walls Committee. Ze is a community organizer at Jobs with Justice and a nationally renowned spoken word poet.

Sheila Wilhelm, Ex Oficio

White woman. DARE co-founder and veteran community activist. Former board member with extensive skills in organizing.


Meet the Staff:

Fred Ordoñez, Executive Director, fred@daretowin.org

Fred is a Latinx man who has been the Executive Director of Direct Action for Rights & Equality (DARE) since 2009. Fred oversees the development and management of the organization and ensures the organization’s mission, vision, principles, and ethics are maintained and guide the organization. For the past 20 years Fred has worked on many electoral campaigns for progressive candidates and legislative campaigns for community organizations including: the Coalition for Consumer Justice RI, Citizen’s Action Campaign IN, Clean Water Action RI and DC. Just prior to joining DARE’s staff, Fred led public policy campaigns with Progreso Latino in RI for six years to address issues around health, immigration, and racial equity.

Kiah Bryant, Administrative Coordinator, kbryant@daretowin.org

Anusha Alles, Organizer: Behind the Walls Committee,

Christopher Rotondo, Organizer: Tenants and Homeowners Association, crotondo@gmail.com


You can reach us at 401-351-6960 and at DARE@daretowin.org