Our Methodology

DARE uses four interconnected strategies to build power, win campaigns and fuel a lasting movement for social change.

Base Building: Building a powerful multi-ethnic and multi-racial base of members who can work together to seek and organize for solutions to community wide problems is the foundation of our work. Community members are welcome at DARE any day of the week to see an organizer to discuss any problems they might be having. Additionally, DARE members and leaders go out to the community to door-knock and bring people to DARE. You can join us the first Thursday and second Saturday of every month.

Direct Action Organizing: People who are affected by the problem work together to find a solution. At DARE that means that we build our campaigns from the ground up, seeking allies in policy and advocacy organizations and local government, but leading from a strong, clear, member led voice. And of course, it means that we don’t wait for an invitation, but seek out opportunities to win community wide victories through Direct Action- finding the decision maker and demanding our solutions through actions, rallies and accountability sessions.

Leadership Development: We are a member led organization and are constantly finding opportunities to develop skills and experience to ensure that members can lead at every level of the organization. DARE offers members an opportunity to participate in the DARE Leadership Institute (DLI) 101 and 201, where members work together to develop their understanding of racism, sexism, classism and homophobia, to develop a power analysis of the root causes of problems communities of color face, and to develop their own skills as organizers, facilitators and leaders. From planning an action, to representing DARE at the State House, DARE members develop leadership by doing.

Movement Building: DARE works to build a network locally and globally with base building organizations who share our values and who are themselves working in a way that embodies our Principles of Unity in their own way, by making concrete connections to our allies. We are a proud membership organization in:

Right to the City Grassroots Global Justice